Cayman Islands Transportation

Cayman Islands Transportation



You’ll fly into Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) on Grand Cayman Island. The Cayman Islands are easily accessible. Flying time from Miami is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Miami is the major gateway to the Cayman Islands. 


Immigration & Customs


You’ll need your passport and a returning ticket when going through customs and immigrations.  On the plane, the airline staff will provide a tourist identification card.  Keep this card because you’ll need it when you’re departing.  Also, know the name and district of your accommodations to make the process faster.


Getting to Your Hotel has partnered Tropicana Tours as our premier transportation company in Grand Cayman. They’ll provide you with safe, comfortable and professional transportation, from the airport to your hotel and back. They’ll also provide transportation to any excursions booked through our site that you’d like to take while you’re in your destination.


It’s easy to find your Tropicana Tours team when you arrive at the airport. They’ll be standing in the ground transportation waiting area, holding a CheapCaribbean welcome sign. All drivers are fluent in English, friendly and knowledgeable about the culture, history and things to do while you’re there. By the end of your ride, you’ll have made a new friend.  


Tropicana Tours is also the official transportation rep for excursions when you book vacations to Grand Cayman on our site. The majority of our partner hotels have a Tropicana Tours desk in or near the lobby so they’re easy to find, should you need them. For this reason, we suggest that our guests do not rent cars while in the Caribbean or Mexico as traffic laws and road quality and street signs are not the same as they are in the US.


Getting Around Cayman Islands


You can take a taxi or rent a car, but your best bet is to schedule with our tour company.