Deal of Fortune

Deal of Fortune
Kick-A Packages at Seriously Reduced Rates

So here’s the deal. And it’s awesome – totally beachin’. First up, we have selected a handful of elite, chic, multi-starred resorts at a variety of tropical, intoxicating destinations that even if everything went terribly wrong (and it would never), and you somehow had to bunk with your lunch pail on the beach, you’d be happy that you were there – and not at your office with marauding fluorescent lights hovering overhead.

You see, at (and around) each of these island havens, we have created a variety of packages - all-inclusive (hotel, air, the whole enchilada), as well as a la carte packages at prices so affordable, you might be shocked - in the good, happy way.

We invite you to take a looksee at our dreamy, delicious getaways below. Tell us which one tickles your fancy, the one that most closely reflects your dream of paradise - where you can picture yourself happily chilling by an expanse of turquoise ocean, being treated like the prince or princess that you are.

Although you won’t know which fantabulous resort you’re going to get right away, what right-minded human could be unhappy at killer destinations like Riviera Maya, Punta Cana and Curacao? (It’s a rhetorical question. No one is never not ecstatic about being in this part of the planet. No one.)

Final note: our beaches are anxious to meet you. They quite enjoy you laying all over them. Book now!

What's the Fine Print?
  • Complete a booking with one of our beachin’ Deal of Fortune packages.
  • You're are 100% guaranteed (no fingers crossed, scout’s honor!) to stay at one of our incredible resorts in the beautiful destination you selected.
  • The name of the resort will be revealed to you within seven days before travel. You’ll be so stoked.
  • Your resort placement is at the discretion of As much as we’d like to accommodate you, requests will not be accepted.
  • Modifications to this reservation are allowed; however, all standard resort and airline fees will be assessed based on the nature of the change.
  • Additional passengers may be added, but are subject to availability in the room.
  • Additional rooms can be purchased, but are subject to the resort's availability.
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